Charitable Deductions is a web site designed to enable taxpayers to determine a comparable fair market value for non-cash donations. In order to deduct non-cash donations, the Internal Revenue Service requires the taxpayer to have a method to determine the fair market value of the donated items. This site will allow the taxpayer to track the items donated in a format easily used for the filing of the tax return. Entering your non-cash donations on this site will allow Penrod Tax Service, Inc. to access this information electronically. This simple process will maximize your non-cash charitable deductions and save you time and tax preparation fees.

Enter the special discount code of “PTS” at to get use for one year discounted price at $19.95. The nice part of it is that you can try it for free to see how it works and pay for it only if you think you’ll use it.

Click here to begin tracking your donations.