Drop Off Services

Save the appointment – drop off your taxes!

To help us do your taxes (and keep the phone calls to a minimum) when using our drop-off services, please use your personal organizer and print the Individual Taxpayer Organizer Packet below. This will help ensure that we have all the information needed to complete your tax return accurately.

Health insurance coverage is no longer mandatory. However, if you are getting your insurance through the Marketplace we will still need your Form 1095-A to complete your tax return. You can retrieve this form on the Marketplace website at www.healthcare.gov. Please make sure you include this form with your paperwork.

Use the Drop-Off Form inside the packet to provide your address and contact information.  We will call you after we’ve reviewed your information for a short telephone interview.  Please indicate which phone number to call and what times are convenient for you.

The following forms should be included with all “dropped off” and “mailed in” tax information:

Individual Taxpayer Organizer Packet

You can click on our “PTS Client Portal” tab or follow the link below for information on how to transfer your information to us electronically.

PTS Client Portal