Client Organizer Forms

If you need help organizing the necessary information for the preparation of your tax return, please print out the Client Organizer Form and complete as best you can. If you are a returning client and would like an organizer specific to your tax information please call or email our office and we will upload it to a secure client portal. If you do not have a portal yet please call our office and we would be happy to set one up for you.

*Please note that if you are eligible for the Earned Income Credit please provide proof of residency for your dependents such as school or medical records.


2017 Individual Taxpayer Organizer

Add-on Organizers for specific individuals

Law Enforcement Deductions Organizer

Self Employed Business Deductions Organizer

Self Employed- Realtor Deductions Organizer

Misc Forms

Vehicle, Travel and Entertainment Deductions Organizer

Safe Harbor Election