Pay Tax Due

Online: Please visit respective websites to submit payment. Please note the instructions below pertain to tax year 2023.

  • Making federal balance due payment for tax return:
    • Choose payment option – “Pay Now with Direct Pay” or “Pay Now by Card or Digital Wallet” Choose Direct Pay to avoid processing fees
    • Choose “Make a Payment”
    • The reason for payment will be “Balance Due,” Apply Payment to “Income Tax – Form 1040,” and choose tax year 2023 (Please be mindful of the year, if you’re paying for a prior year – make the appropriate selection)
  • Making Indiana balance due payment for tax return: Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine
    • Please create an account or login if you already have an account
    • Choose “Make a payment”
    • Choose payment option
    • Enter payment details or if you’ve already saved those details previously, choose the appropriate account
    • Payment:
      • Choose: Return Payment
      • Choose Period: 12/31/2023; please be very mindful when making these selections
      • Enter payment date and amount details
  • Making Michigan balance due payment for tax return: Michigan Individual Income Tax ePayments
      • Click on Make an ePayment Now
      • Select a payment type by clicking on the drop down arrow
      • Select 2023 MI-1040
      • Fill in your personal information and continue
      • Fill in your contact information
      • If you were a resident of Michigan in the prior tax year you will have the option to pay using eCheck. This is the best option to use; they will charge a fee if you use a credit or debit card.
      • If you are not in The Michigan Department of Treasury’s database you have the option of using a debit or credit card or you can mail in a payment.

 Mail: Print and mail the vouchers made available to you and make sure they are postmarked by 4-15-2024.

Please reference your Result Letter, the first page on your signature forms, if you are unsure of how you are set up to satisfy your balances for federal and/or any relevant states.